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Listen to certain common doubts you may have about using Ultra Bricks for construction. 

  Questioner :
Er. Alex M John
Design Builder

Josep Tojo   Answerer :
Er. Joseph Tojo
Krupa Blocks

Q1. What are the advantages of Ultra Bricks over conventional bricks?
Q2. Ultra Bricks uses 16 cms bricks for brick work. Whereas conventional bricks are 23 cms. Is there any loss of strength due to this?
Q3. Does the transportation cost of Ultra Bricks increases the building cost?
Q4. Explain the earthquake resistant construction possible with Ultra Bricks?
Q5. Is it possible to avoid plastering of walls while using Ultra Bricks?
Q6. What is the compressive strength of Ultra Bricks?
Q7. Room temperature increases when cement bricks are used for construction. What about Ultra Bricks?
Q8. Can Ultra Bricks be used for foundation basement works instead of rubble works?
Q9. Does the cost of steel used for vertical reinforcement increases the cost of construction?
Q10. How to do concealed wiring while using Ultra Bricks?
Q11. Ultra Bricks are best suited for constructions using Vastu Sasthra. Why?
Q12. Can Ultra Bricks be used for multistoried buildings? Where it is been used in Kerala?
Q13. Is it possible to build cellar floors and retaining walls using Ultra Bricks?
Q14. Ultra Bricks are costlier than other concrete bricks, then how is it cost effective?
Q15. What are the different types of Ultra Bricks and where is it used?
Q16. What is the difference between other solid blocks and Ultra Bricks?

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